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Caramel Brownie Jar - 10 oz
  • Caramel Brownie Jar - 10 oz

    Get ready to embark on a chocolate lover's dream with our Caramel Brownie Jar! This delectable jar features a rich chocolate cake layer, our creamy vanilla frosting, a heavenly swirl of caramel and brownie goodness. Every spoonful is a journey into a world of indulgence, where each layer plays its part in creating a symphony of flavors.


    Layers of this jar:

    • Chocolate Cake
    • Vanilla Frosting
    • Caramel Drizzle
    • Decadent Brownie


    *The 16oz Jar will have a cake layer on the top and bottom with the Caramel and Brownie in the middle

    Our treats are best enjoyed at room temperature.

    This jar is free from most major allergens excluding Wheat.

    When will I receive my order?

    All orders are baked fresh, so we require at least 3 business days to bake and assemble everything. If your order will be shipped please allow another 2-3 business days.

    Local Delivery

    We deliver Wednesday's-Friday's between 3pm-8pm. If you are within our delivery radius it will give you the option for local delivery.


    We ship our cakes with cold packs. Once shipped it will take 2-3 business days before the desserts arrive to you. If you don't plan on consuming right away please refrigerate, but they are best enjoyed when they are room temperature. Once opened treats can be enjoyed for up to 2 weeks.

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